Sunday, May 24, 2009

Ch ch ch ch ch check, check, check

Welcome folks! A few weeks ago, I had a brilliant idea: The Snyder Family Food Blog. Since so many of us like cooking, and all of us like eating, I thought a great way for us to keep in touch was to start a food blog. Did you cook something today? Did you eat something delicious today? Something awful? Blog about it!


  1. Hi. Good idea. I'm always looking for simple, yummy, last minute, quick ideas. Try Costco's frozen MahiMahi individually packaged fillets--yummy--quick to thaw, quick to cook.

  2. Yay! What a great idea Audrey!!

  3. Strawberries are so nice right now. Saute rhubarb with sugar and lemon and some fresh ginger until it is done enough, take off heat, stir in sliced strawberries, and some tapioca. bake with a crisp topping (I like oatmeal, flour, lemon zest, brown sugar, and butter). Bake. To really wow your friends, serve with ice cream.